KTH consult

Kjeld Tømmeraas Hastrup

+45 30536012


I am an independent .NET consultant with strong expertise in architecture, development and testing. I have over the past years, been working intensively with needs analysis, system analysis, implementation and quality assurance.
Furthermore, I have extensive experience in system integration including concept development and implementation of processes.


The last years I have been working on public systems under the Danish government. For both the National Board of Industrial Injuries and the Danish Agency for Digitization. I have been a main player on developing the digital mailbox and case management systems, which is owned by e-Boks. During these tasks I have achieved great understanding of the political constraints and complex workflows these types of tasks contains.


I also do app development both for consumers and for enterprise segments. I have worked with uwp, react, xamarin and have years of experience of implementing backend apis for these kind of clients as well.

In my daily life, I like to focus on technologies like; C#, ASP.NET, SQL, but I also have hands on experience with a wide range of other Microsoft technologies, patterns and platforms. I am use to working in smaller agile teams. I have years of experience in both communicating and administrating outsourced staff.


I would describe myself as an independent, systematic, inventive, empathic, social and dutiful. My network and my personal relationships is of high priority to me.


If you are interested in hearing more about my skills or some of the tasks I have been assigned to, you are welcome to request my full CV by sending me an email at mail(a)kthconsult.dk.

Best regards,